Core team

  • Daniel Mewes (@danielmewes) - buffer cache, serializer, performance
  • Etienne Laurin (@atnnn) - build system, packaging, tests, release management, automation
  • Joey Zwicker ( - events, hiring, keeping the lights on
  • Marc Hesse (@Tryneus) - admin CLI, performance, countless improvements all over the stack
  • Michael Glukhovsky (@mglukhovsky) - admin web UI, UX & visual design, wearer of many hats
  • Michael Lucy (@mlucy) - Ruby drivers, protocol API, query execution
  • Michel Tu (@neumino) - web UI, data explorer, performance visualizations
  • Sam Hughes (@srh) - storage engine, concurrency, buffer cache, large values, all things low level
  • Slava Akhmechet (@coffeemug) - raising the bar

Notable contributors

  • Alex Popescu (@al3xandru) - caring about the community, documentation, tutorials
  • Bill Rowan (@wmrowan) - JS & Python drivers, protocol API, driver packaging
  • Daniel Ehrenberg - coroutine engine
  • Frank Trampe - build process, packaging, automation
  • Ivan Tarasov - point-in-time buffer cache snapshots, performance
  • Joe Doliner (@jdoliner) - live disk GC, B-Trees, buffer cache, clustering, protocol API, query execution
  • Michael Arntzenius (rntz) - V8 integration, out-of-process JS execution, protocol API spec
  • Ryan Hitchman (@rmmh) - initial python driver implementation, protocol API spec
  • Shachaf Ben-Kiki - large values, coroutine optimizations
  • Tim Maxwell (timmaxw) - If there is a piece of code Tim hasn't influenced, we don't know about it


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