Installing the Python driver

Before you install a driver: install RethinkDB first.

Looking for another language? See the complete list of client drivers for RethinkDB.


From version 1.14, the Python driver for RethinkDB supports Python 2 and 3. Version 1.13 and older support Python 2 only.

Install the driver with pip:

$ sudo pip install rethinkdb


You can use the drivers from Python like this:

$ python
import rethinkdb as r
r.connect('localhost', 28015).repl()
r.table('tv_shows').insert({ 'name': 'Star Trek TNG' }).run()

Note: RethinkDB connection objects are not thread-safe. It’s recommended that applications open a separate connection per thread, or establish a connection pool.

The RethinkDB Python driver includes support for asynchronous connections using both Tornado and Twisted. Read the asynchronous connections documentation for more information.

Next steps

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